The Composed Domain is about space and time. The process is a unique blend of organizing, clutter clearing, designing personal systems and balancing energy. The goal is to live in rooms that work, able to function at your best and feel truly AT HOME. It’s acupuncture for environments. Compose the space you live in and truly inhabit your life.

Check This One Off your List – August 2016 Composed Domain Newsletter

Summer seems to be here at last, and there are some traditional home organizing tasks and projects that lurk on the to-do-lists of many people.

With some care and planning they can not only be satisfying, but sustain you in the months ahead. Ideally you might come up with strategies for simplifying or eliminating the need put them on a list, ever again.

Top contender for this is the garage or yard sale.  I say it in classes and I say it to clients, so here we go –most organizers agree that this process is not cost-benefit balanced. As with the coupon example, if you can honestly say you ENJOY the following then you may prove me wrong:

  • Sorting items into categories and setting them in some sort of staging area.
  • Tagging them with prices or at least making a list of prices to refer to.
  • Making neighborhood signs and posting them / paying for advertising.
  • Hoping for decent weather, checking on where people might be able to park, if neighbors care.
  • Getting cash for change, deciding what you’ll take, checks OK? IOU’s? Cookies?
  • Haul all items into the garage, drive way or street.
  • Who will sit there all day? Any back up? Who manages phone calls, pets, and life in general?
  • Delivering what is left to donations, since you certainly won’t bring it back in, right?
  • Take down signs.

Even if this list does not seem daunting, would you like to do it all if you only make about $300? In my experience that would be a good sale, unless you really do think passersby will pay $50 for an old but couture purse, or fork over $100 for a slightly damaged dresser.

A home sale is not really about money, but reflects instead a desire to take responsibility for all the stuff you have actually chosen to get rid of.

I suggest that you save yourself a lot of energy, take it all to donations in a few trips and feel good about the space you’ve created! Or better yet, plan how to offload things on a regular basis so there is no need for a mass exodus of the unwanted or unusable.

Now get out there and enjoy the season, and tick off a few things on your list that will really sustain you.

I am sadly a bit under the weather this week, and so your August newsletter will be shorter than usual, but I’ll bet you all have more pleasant things to do that sit at your computers and devices.

Just be careful about those Pokemon distractions while crossing the street.