The Composed Domain is about space and time. The process is a unique blend of organizing, clutter clearing, designing personal systems and balancing energy. The goal is to live in rooms that work, able to function at your best and feel truly AT HOME. It’s acupuncture for environments. Compose the space you live in and truly inhabit your life.

Spooky Action Season – October 2014 Newsletter

   I don’t mean to rush anyone into the dark season, but along with ghosties and all those nicely draped cobwebs the end of October brings some additional opportunities for composing your domain.

It’s the month I review the clothing being packed away for warmer weather and get rid of whatever I never wore this summer. Since we actually were graced with a nice warm one, I will have few excuses for hanging onto the ratty shorts.  As the sweaters come out of hiding I fully intend to let go of those I didn’t wear last year…or at the very least put them on the top of the pile so I’m forced to acknowledge each time I bypass them. I can assure you that itchy one didn’t improve in the dark. Maybe it will be gone by the holidays.

Oh, and the holidays. October is another wide open window for sanity planning. Rather than find yourself overwhelmed and rushed in November, you could reconsider those so-called required tasks and traditions. I would never name names, but I have several clients who still have stacks of cards that never got mailed last year.

So what does this have to do with Spooky Action?

All the effort you spend to create order and comfort in your home is an action that connects you to your environment. This link can have far reaching implications. By changing a few small things in your closet or on your desk you can establish a relationship with your environment. Imagine that instead of being bullied by your paperwork, it can be made to support you, inform you and even inspire you.

In physics, action at a distance is the concept that an object can be moved, changed, or affected without being physically touched by another object. It’s the nonlocal interaction of objects that are separated in space.  In the language of quantum mechanics, they are entangled. Entangled particles can become widely separated in space and still influence each other, and seem to be so deeply linked that they share the same existence.

Einstein famously called this spooky action at a distance. I propose that we humans are actually entangled with our stuff. Pretty spooky, huh? Or maybe it’s obvious?

Consider the result of choosing to have a closet that contains only things you love to wear. You have changed the relationship between you and the closet. It is now pleasant to contemplate, and more likely to stay orderly. When you wear clothing you love your body and emotions are both soothed, your confidence level is likely to go up.  You are entangled with not only the pants and shirts, but the space they hang in. That sense of ease and function will follow you all day.

When I walk away from my desk at the end of the work day the placement of a list for tomorrow under my cell phone allows me to forget any concerns I have about the day’s obligations. That may seem spooky, but I have found that my well-being is directly affected by both my desk and my closet.

As the days shrink around the edges and the stores start to stock those huge bags of candy, I highly recommend having a look at how some spooky action can lighten your winter ahead.