A Fresh Take on Spring – April 2017 Newsletter

I started out thinking I was going to write about Spring Cleaning and Organizing.

“OH YUK”, went the chorus in my head. I am sure most of you had the same reaction. Even knowing that for each project you check off the list you’ll feel lighter; somehow the prospect of starting elicits more groans than excitement.

Most people have a list that looks something like this:

  • Empty the pantry and toss out of date food
  • Schedule a truck to come and get the construction materials we never used and never will
  • Gather all the camping equipment and sort, so it’s easy to go on a trip later
  • Get the chimney tuck pointed…finally
  • Polish the silver so we’ll use it…or sell it…finally

Certainly you can fill in the blanks with your own projects, but rather than hand down some supposed comprehensive list, I’d like to look at why we bother.

A friend who has come through a few really tough years brought it to my attention. She sat back and looked at a few of us sitting around her dining room table and said,

“I am just enjoying that I have no pressing projects that I have to do. Yes, there are things I WANT to do, but nothing is hanging over my head demanding my attention.” Some paraphrasing is probably happening here, but that was the gist and it stopped me in my tracks.

Wow, what a feeling; the ability to decide what comes next with no pressure or stress! My friend Stephanie Bennett Vogt wrote a book about it, “Your Spacious Self”. That is the word I want to explore, spacious. Stephanie defines it as being frictionless, like a gliding rocking chair. Here are some more from her list:

  • Buoyant: floating in a warm sea
  • Perfectly synced: when all the traffic lights are green
  • Cozy: your bed after a warm bath
  • Effortless ease: nothing is pulling at you

And the last on her list is the biggest and best:


In what, you might ask. For Stephanie and many people trust points to a sense of the divine, the feeling that there is an order of things and we are held by it.

I have a funny reaction to the word “held”. I don’t in fact trust it. Tightly, loosely, over the brink, in someone’s arms….and so on. Depending on your particular experience and bias, being held can go a lot of directions.

Even so, I do see that trust is one expression of that spacious feeling. After some thought I realized that what I am trusting is that I belong right where I am. It’s probably not a coincidence that belonging is in the title of my book and is related to being home.

I think my friend was experiencing her own brand of spacious self; freedom from demands was tops for her on that particular day. Belonging is the feeling that rings my chimes, when I know I am at home in who I am, my body and my space – then life becomes spacious. A simple thing like getting over an injury brings me back home to my body and the act of opening a jar can become spacious.

Imagine how making dinner will feel when the pantry purge is done? A bit more spacious? YES!

What is your definition of spacious?

As you look at your list of tasks and projects this spring the real point is not checking them off. Instead I invite you to focus on creating an environment that really does hold you. This is the place of spacious belonging.

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