Being Home: The Art of Belonging Wherever You Are

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Home is more than an address. It’s a place you belong, one that reflects who you are. This feeling of belonging comes from your being, as well as where you are.

The act of recognizing the relationship between yourself and your environment can open a door. When you understand the link between these two, you can step across a threshold and make your home a place that works well and feels right.


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Excerpt from Being Home

Being Home teaches you how to establish this link between you and the outside world by

  • Creating awareness about your natural and energetic boundaries,
  • Finding your own roots and how to connect to your spaces, and
  • Utilizing the three fundamental qualities of an environment to create a feeling of home wherever you are.

Each lesson is supported by a variety of exercises that can be performed at home, at the grocery store, even while stuck in traffic. When you engage with your surroundings, you’ll move with fluidity and confidence anywhere—a crowded room, an empty street, and anywhere in between.


Being Home: The Art of Belonging Wherever You Are is now available!

I encourage you to patronize a real book store!  Any bookstores, including can order the book from my distributor any time. It should ship in later September, but all you have to do is give them the title and author and say that it is on the Ingram web site already.

Here are some Seattle bookstores to consider:

The Secret Garden Bookstore

Elliot Bay Book Company

Third Place Books

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Being Home is a wonderful book of both practical and deeply meaningful advice on how to find the sense of home we are all looking for in every aspect of our lives. It will get you asking if the things you own support or drain you, help you let go of those for which the answer is the latter, and simultaneously give you the tools to take an accurate self-assessment of your real priorities. Ross uses her experience as an organizational consultant, along with her training as an architect, to bring structure and order to the process of finding an inner orientation to the environments we inhabit— from house, to body, to self. A deeply spiritual book, it will provide you with a set of simple techniques for finding that sense of being home, no matter where you are.”

—Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big Life and The Not So Big House series


Rebecca is person of high integrity. She brings light, passion, and years of experience to uncovering the secrets of true belonging – being home with who you are, where you are.”

– Stephanie Bennett Vogt, Founder of SpaceClear and author of Your Spacious Self


“Don’t you want to feel as if you belong wherever you are? I do, and this exquisite book is an intriguing map to thinking yourself home. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as I tumbled through its pages, more

and more curious as I explored the inner and outer environments that make up the world in which I choose to live and belong.”

—Dawna Markova, author of I Will Not Die an Unlived Life